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Just do it

Well, I do not want to do promote Nike, but sometimes the ads are right!

All the procrastination leads to more procrastination. So...
I will post those pictures on facebook today.
I will start writing my book today.
I will write my essays today.
I will watch that movie.
I will text you back.
I will fix the TV.
I will do it.


Inspiration is very annoying. She always thinks that she is endlessly necessary and mainly responsible for literature. And now, for the first time, she tries to attack the posts of my blog. But keep in mind, ms. Inspiration, that I do not need you to post on my blog. Gene Fowler once said that "Writing is easy. All you do is stare at a blank sheet of paper until drops of blood form on your forehead."

Burn! I have an idea.

John 15:5

Sometimes it is hard to get what you want. But who said it is impossible?

Called to Serve - Mormon Tabernacle Choir

This is one of my favorite video-clips. I believe some will not understand it, but I am showing a little bit of me.

"Whether I cried or laughed, what matters is that emotions I have had."

The dissemination of culture in Brazil is something really strange. Cultural events such as an art exhibition happens late at night on Wednesdays. This month, talented artists exhibit their works interpreting the musical universe.

Today the exhibition "Sinfonia das Cores," was opened by the teacher Marcia Oliveira, at the Centro Cultural Pró-música. The Pró-música choir, conducted by João Paulo Fazza and a quartet of strings and flute attended the cocktail party, and a couple of samba dancers did an amazing performance. Well, the choir had a great presentation, but it is notable that it is missing some voices, especially the male ones. The quartet was great too, but obviously I missed some percussion, although the bass gave me a decent consolation. Now, the dancers... I do not understand samba, but I think they showed a somewhat surprising waddle.

Shortbread, chocolate, and caramel, but it is not Twix

Inspired by The National Geographic Channel, I am going to posts about gourmet on my blog. Cooking is one of the most accurate things in the world, not in measuring, but the details of its creation, which must be at least palatable. Cooking is not only a therapy or need, it is an art that many despise when they limit their food to rice and beans. What about bulgogi instead of a steak? Baked potatoes instead of rice? Would you like to try tempura, or would you rather stick to the status quo? Frankly, there is no problem in eating our traditional Brazilian food you find in any buffet restaurant. The problem is to die eating the same flavors every day. No more olive oil on the pizza! So today, I took a recipe from a blog that I love. They're the best cookies I've ever made, inspired by the article in "The New York Times" that said that everyone likes caramel with a touch of salt. See the recipe!

Abandoning the attitude

Yep, THE attitude. It is definite. Attitude is not always bad. In fact, because of attitudes did mankind evolve exponentially. Technology is just a chain reaction of change and attitudes that go against the repressive authority. I specifically do not write my opinion on short answer tests any longer. First, because it is not as appropriate as it sounds (there are more direct ways to formally express your opinion view to your teacher), and because it is just easier to get used to the society in my situation particularly (two months to go!). I advocate peaceful revolution. If Martin Luther King was able to make such a big dream come true, why wouldn't any one else? Obviously few are as good as King, but if someone has a dream, this, if just, must come true. My blog is not a way to pass the time, but an obligation I have to show the beauty (and ugliness) of the world. I will write against selfish capitalists who want more and more money, and also against arrogant socialists/communists, who think they are the only correct people in the universe.
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