Abandoning the attitude

Yep, THE attitude. It is definite. Attitude is not always bad. In fact, because of attitudes did mankind evolve exponentially. Technology is just a chain reaction of change and attitudes that go against the repressive authority. I specifically do not write my opinion on short answer tests any longer. First, because it is not as appropriate as it sounds (there are more direct ways to formally express your opinion view to your teacher), and because it is just easier to get used to the society in my situation particularly (two months to go!). I advocate peaceful revolution. If Martin Luther King was able to make such a big dream come true, why wouldn't any one else? Obviously few are as good as King, but if someone has a dream, this, if just, must come true. My blog is not a way to pass the time, but an obligation I have to show the beauty (and ugliness) of the world. I will write against selfish capitalists who want more and more money, and also against arrogant socialists/communists, who think they are the only correct people in the universe.

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