"Whether I cried or laughed, what matters is that emotions I have had."

The dissemination of culture in Brazil is something really strange. Cultural events such as an art exhibition happens late at night on Wednesdays. This month, talented artists exhibit their works interpreting the musical universe.

Today the exhibition "Sinfonia das Cores," was opened by the teacher Marcia Oliveira, at the Centro Cultural Pró-música. The Pró-música choir, conducted by João Paulo Fazza and a quartet of strings and flute attended the cocktail party, and a couple of samba dancers did an amazing performance. Well, the choir had a great presentation, but it is notable that it is missing some voices, especially the male ones. The quartet was great too, but obviously I missed some percussion, although the bass gave me a decent consolation. Now, the dancers... I do not understand samba, but I think they showed a somewhat surprising waddle.
The paintings are unique. Each one of them brings a different style. But many converged into the same theme: Brazilian music from decades ago. They presented an old nationalism, which is not common among young people from our generation. I do not disregard Elis Regina, or Tom Jobim. I am not promoting funk music either. I am not saying it is wrong to remember the old days, but I could not identify any painting in that exhibition that defended a new national cultural identity. I felt that the expo was a total unburying of an ancient culture. Of course I appreciated some beautiful exceptions, such as the framework inspired on Vivaldi, a painting inspired on Mozart, and many others with a delicate metalanguage.
What also made me angry was that 40% of those who went to the cocktail did it to drink beer, other 40% to drink wine, another 10% to eat, and only the remaining 10% showed up genuinely interested in works of art (they were often the artists themselves).

The cocktail itself was disappointing. Olives, tiny slices of ham, and chips that everyone put their hands on are good examples.

But seeing one of those creative gadgets makes any diet soda taste like honey-sweet...
Still, we can change the heads of this story by visiting the exhibition until the end of this month at the "Galeria Renato de Almeida," Centro Cultural Pró-Música, Avenida Rio Branco. It is worth it!

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