Cupcakes are everywhere! Milan, Paris, and even among friendsFrankly the Paris ones are the most beautiful, but who cares?! What happened to the muffins and bagels and churros? In a couple of months we are probably going to have cupcake carts on the streets. (I should not have said that, someone will steal my idea). Soon the UN will send boxes of cupcakes to Haiti instead of giving medical care.
But what is the problem? Is this is a conspiracy of the "American imperialism?" No one knows. (But beware, the FBI can certainly arrest you for revealing the secret plans of the US government cooks).
We must fight against this epidemic! Many have begun to build rehabilitation clinics, and you can help too. Get rid of any form of cup-shaped cake with some type of topping (be careful not to reject the muffins). Also ignore any reference to the noun "cupcake." Do not delight yourself with this aberration. Do not even take a bite: the risk of addiction is imminent. Do not even dare to look at these goodies: some say they were created by Medusa.
We must battle to have our dignity back. Spread this manifesto!

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